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Toxogel is a concentrate of natural extracts which, due to its immediate effect, can be used to naturally treat everyday aches and pains: Muscle fatigue, rheumatism, back and joint pain, sports-related injuries, everyday aches and pains, and skin irritations from insect bites, small burns or hair removal.

The clever combination and high concentration of 10 natural and organic active ingredients create an intense, localised effect of hot and cold on the skin, promoting an immediate feeling of well-being and bringing a beautiful healthy glow to the skin itself.

Natural ingredients:

Aloe Vera (organic)*: Decongestant, healing, protective, anti-inflammatory and nourishing.

Menthol crystals: Refreshing, analgesic.

Extra virgin olive oil (organic)*: Soothing, protective and nourishing.

Toxo: Soothing and relaxing Anti-inflammatory Increases the production of beta- Endorphins.

Chamomile: Decongestant - Soothing.

Cinnamon: Heat effect - anti-inflammatory.

Sage (organic)*: Disinfectant and expectorant.

Rosemary (organic)*: Anti-rheumatic and balsamic.

Devil's claw: Antirheumatic - anti-inflammatory.

Arnica: Antirheumatic and anti-inflammatory.

When and how to use Toxogel

Toxogel can be easily massaged into the affected area (e.g. the abdominal area, back, arms, legs, knees, joints, muscles etc.) to obtain an immediate sense of well-being and relief, a sensation particularly useful in the treatment of menstrual pain. A light application to the chest area will allow you to feel the benefits of the balsamic agents in the product, just like in the old days! Toxogel is also perfect for the treatment of sports-related problems, due to its fast-acting properties

Toxogel is useful for the relief of skin irritation caused by insect bites and stings as it immediately relieves any discomfort. Toxogel is not a medication but a natural product for external use which is in actual fact an invaluable aid for the general health and well-being of the entire family, thanks to the qualities of its many natural ingredients. The many advantages of Toxogel include its ease of use and fast action. Only a few seconds are required to fully appreciate the powerful effects of its active natural ingredients. Furthermore, Toxogel is a safe and ethical product having undergone extensive dermatological testing without testing on animals of any kind whatsoever.

For specific aches (e.g. neck, arms, knees, ankles etc.) it is advisable to apply the product directly onto the affected area in order to wholly appreciate its immediate action. Simply massage the affected area with the roll-on for approximately 30-40 seconds and you will feel a sensation of hot and cold some 60 seconds or so after the product has been massaged into the skin. This is an immediate and important sign of the effectiveness of the product.

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