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Cocos Oil Canary Beauty 250 m.l.

Sold by: Canary Beauty
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16,00 € each Weight: 251 g

  • Content: 250 m.l.
  • Item plus package: 251 g
  • Letter mail: 101 - 500 g

Note: This item, cannot be added to the already filled shopping cart, as it is delivered from the Canary Island of Tenerife, thus can be purchased in another, independent order.

Canary Beauty

Coconut Oil. 100% organic, this oil is made from the milk of the green coconut and processed in cold pressing, which ensure high levels of nutrients and antioxidants in contact with the skin. It activates collagen and elastin to prevent the formation of wrinkles and stretch marks, plus it has several uses, the most important being the hydration of the skin and hair among others.
To demonstrate its purity, our 100% organic coconut oil has 3 certificates that guarantee its quality, such as the Kosher certificate, the USDA Organic and BIO of the European Union.

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