Mini Manteca Corporal 70 m.l.

Manteca-corporal-moringa-Body-butter-Körpercreme-Moringa Seed Oil 70 m.l.
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4,50 € each Weight: 121 g

Moringa. The exotic flower all your friends are talking about. We’ve taken its antioxidant, soothing, softening and moisturizing properties to blend them with our exclusive Organic Banana extract from the Canary Islands. Enjoy a powerful moisturizing Body Butter, the one you need, especially if you have dry skins. Nasties-free formula without parabens nor mineral oils. Small size format allows you to carry it with you in your toilet bag or suitcase.

Best suited for Dry skin. Daily use

Main benefits of the ingredients
Banana extract: moisturizing, regenerative, protective
Moringa: powerful antioxidant, calming, softener, moisturizing
glycerin: protective, moisturizing
Cocoa Butter: moisturizing, anti-irritation, protective
Beeswax: antirust, nutritive, moisturizing

Contains: 70 m.l.
Best before: 12 M
Shipping weight plus Pack. & Shipping costs: 121 grs.